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Spell Regulations

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  • God mod abilities are practically auto-unapproved.
  • Make sure you know how much magic you have before making your spells as well as how many spells you are allowed to have before making any spells.
  • Be descriptive in order to avoid confusion.
  • There is no way to regain, regenerate, or replenish your own mana due to a spell at this point unless one has a limited magic that can drain mana.
  • Do not constantly barrage mods and admins for approval for this will result in a deduction in your warning bar.
  • Do not fail to follow the format. Mods will ignore your post until you fix it.
  • Do not copy other people's spells without their permission, this will count as plagiarism and result in punishment.
  • Do not create spells that will auto hit someone. For example a mental spell that fries someone's brain without requiring a attack. People need a way to avoid a effect. This includes larger spells in which you must give some kind of sign that the attack is going to occur. The higher rank spells can create large effects, which by all means is hard to dodge. But don't forget, the bigger the spell, the less it would actually do because of the Area of Effect rule.
  • Do not make a spell just to counter only one person, unless he is your rival, it is wrong to do so especially if you have increased warning of the spells your foe has.
    Do not make spells if you have no idea what other spells can do at your rank. Look around at other magic applications and look at the magic rules, these will guide you to make spells that will make sense and pass inspection by the mods.
  • You can only train spells that are one rank higher than your own rank. For example, you can train a B rank spell at C rank, but not D rank.

Training: In order to learn a new spell you must train it, and that means going through a training topic. Training topics count as one of your four topics, and you can only be in one at a time or else it won't count. For each training post you do in a solo topic you must wait an hour to post another. The word count necessary to train each spell is as follows:

  • D- 500 words
  • C- 750 words
  • B- 1000 words
  • A- 1250 words
  • S- 1500 words
  • X- 2000 words

You can also retrain spells to increase their rank and make them stronger. This makes it much easier to use less of your spell slots while also making yourself stronger. The word count for retraining spells is as follows.

  • C- 500 words
  • B- 750 words
  • A- 1000 words
  • S- 1250 words
  • X- 1500 words

Name: What is the spell called?
Rank: What is the spells rank?
Magic Cost: How much magic it costs to use this spell?

Element: Does your spell have an element? If it has no element, put N/A
Type: Offensive, Defense, Supplementary?

Description: What does the spell do, how much damage can it deal and what does it look like? Please be descriptive

Requirements: What is required to preform this spell? Does it need a certain amount of time to charge? Do you need one hand or both? Please describe

Duration: How long does this spell last post wise? If one post, put instant. If no duration (continuous), put N/A
Cooldown:  The number of posts needed before you can use this spell again, minimum is 1 post

You can also add any pictures of the spell that you wish to add.

[color=#00ccff][b]Name: [/b][/color]
[color=#00ccff][b]Magic Cost:[/b][/color]





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