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Travel Regulations

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At times you may wish to leave the town your in and look for a new adventure somewhere else. This will require you to travel just like you would in the real world, and getting from point A to point B has never been easier. There are quite a few methods of travel that you can utilize, some involve machines and others just use your own two feet.

Walking: The oldest form of travel, and easily the simplest there is. Walking from one place to another is quite simple, not to mention free. However, you can be approached by other people on the roads whether you like it or not, because all travel topics by foot are completely open. Still, you can't beat the scenic views and low prices.

Traveling by foot is long and it only gets longer the farther you walk. In order to reach your destination by foot you have to follow a few rules. Traveling from one town to another in the same region is as simple as adding 100 words for each town you travel through. Traveling to another town in another region that is adjacent to your own is also the same, but when traveling to a town in an opposite region each town adds 200 words to the word count. For example, if I wanted to travel from Magnolia to Ymir Village it would mean I would have a 200 word count for that travel topic because they are in opposite regions. But say I wanted to travel to Starfrost Forest instead, then the word count would be 400 words. Simple addition. Travel to Central Fiore from any region is only 100 words for each town.

Mounts: Mounts are another method of travel that function similar to traveling by foot. Mounts don't always walk though, sometimes they fly or even dig. But either way mounts have a set word count reduction percentage that you can use whenever you travel simply by stating that you're riding your mount. The only thing is you have to have bought a mount in order to use one, and they can be a bit expensive. And example of a mount would be a horse that gives you a 25% word count reduction whenever you travel.

Train, Boat, or Magic Car: Trains, boats, and magic cars have become a common site across the land in the new era, but with that popularity comes a heftier price. To hire a magic car, charter a boat, or purchase a train ticket it costs 5,000 Jewels, but with the price comes a solid halving to your word count for travel. However, trains and magic car services do not run to all places, only specific towns have train stations and magic car depots, and even fewer have ports. They are listed below.

  • Magnolia (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Hargeon (Port, Train Station, and Magic Car Depot)
  • Clover Town (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Oshibana Town (Train Station)
  • Crocus (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Era (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Hosenka (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Barster Town (Port, Train Station, and Magic Car Depot)
  • Velcor City (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Oak Town (Train Station and Magic Car Depot)
  • Odo Port (Port, Train Station, and Magic Car Depot)

Ley Lines: The fastest method of travel available to the world. Ley Lines are pathways of magic that rune through Earthland, and thanks to the works of some of the most premier minds on the planet a way to use them for travel has been divined. However, only certain points have access to strong enough Ley Lines to allow for travel, and these lines are highly protected. Using them is only available to high ranking officials in the Rune Knights and Government, or by special permission. However, two Ley Lines are open to the public for a hefty price of 40,000 jewels but since they only travel to each other their use is rare. The following locations have access to Ley Lines.

  • Era (Private)
  • Crocus (Private)
  • Worth Woodsea (Public)
  • Dragon Spire (Public)
  • Oak Town (Currently Demolished)

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