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Take Over, Requip, and Celestial Spirit Rules

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Take Over

Take Over magic is a considerably rare magic focusing around the transformation into other beings whether it be things like animals to creatures such as demons. Along with turning into a different species mages can also gain new attributes from that species such as flight or breathing underwater. A stipulation is that one can only take over the species that they really know. But on the bright side, your take over forms and spells can be of varying elements which makes take over very unique. This magic is rare and only eight people can have access to it at any time on the site.

There are two types of Take Over spells.

Species Spells: These spells involve the use of a specific species, but only one part of that species. For example, a species spell could involve growing the arm of a demon so you can throw a fireball at someone. But species spells also apply to full take over forms, so any species spell that you create that grants you a part of a take over form's body you can also use in that form. Example, if you create a spell that temporarily gives you the tail of a lizard so you can hit someone with it you can also use that spell when you are using the full body of that lizard form. These spells are generally instant and cost the same amount of mana as other spells. You can also create spells that require you to be in the form of the take over in order to cast.

Form Spells: These spells are very hard to master, meaning that these spells have to be at least B rank to be made. Form spells are much like modes, they transform you into a full formed take over but at the cost of a great mana cost for every post you use them. Another strength to form spells is that they offer passive buffs to you as long as you hold them, so say you have a form spell where you transform into a bird, this might make your buff a passive ability to fly. Or maybe you create a form spell to turn you into a vulcan, then your buff allows you to increase your strength to where you can break down walls in a single punch. These spells can last for as long as you can hold them, but if you release the spell you cannot change into the same species in that topic.

There are also a few limitations to things like size or the amount of form spells you can have at each rank. They are listed here.

Form Spells per Rank:

  • D: 0
  • C: 0
  • B: 1
  • A: 2
  • S: 3
  • X: 4

Maximum Size of Form Spells:

  • B: 5 meters
  • A: 6 meters
  • S: 7 meters
  • X: 8 meters

While you may want to make your form spell as big as possible you should remember, the bigger they are the harder they fall. A.k.a. you'll make a much larger target.


Requip is another rare magic that focuses on storing weapons and armor inside a personal pocket dimension. Once these items are in the pocket dimension the mage can summon them at any time to fight with. Requip really isn't that different from regular spells, but instead you're creating almost holder weapons with your magic and directing all manner of spells through those weapons. Your weapons can be different elements, making requip one of the most versatile magics. A great thing about requip is that you don't have to sustain your spells as much as other mages. To clarify, when you summon an item you only have to pay the initial cost of the item rather than sustain it, any other cost comes from the spells you cast with that item. However, this rule is negated if you create an indestructible item. Items follow a simple durability system. Items like shields and armor can share damage sustained, so a C rank armor would break after taking B rank damage but the wearer would receive C rank damage from that B rank attack. Weapons simply break after taking their own rank in damage.

There is no limit to the amount of items you create, but obviously there is a trade off for creating a lot of items; you don't get as many spells to use when you have those items equipped. There is also a cost to switching items in combat, these are below.

Mana Cost for Switching Items:

  • D: 5 Mana
  • C: 10 Mana
  • B: 15 Mana
  • A: 20 Mana
  • S: 25 Mana
  • X: 30 Mana

Every item can have spells added onto it, it just depends on what you're willing to imagine. Switching weapons is really more of a personal thing. If you want to come at your foe with a barrage of different weapons in a few seconds it will cost more than if you let your weapon be destroyed first.

Celestial Spirit Magic

Perhaps the rarest magic there is, and easily one of the most interesting. Celestial Spirit Magic is essentially the ancestor of all summoning magics. The entire magic revolves around the use of special items known as Celestial Spirit Keys. These keys come in varying rarities but each is essentially a gateway into the Celestial Spirit Realm where the spirits reside. The keys and ability to harness the magic are so rare that only four people on the site can use the magic at any given time.

There are three types of keys in the world; Silver, Gold, and Jade. Each key summons a different spirit, and these spirits are quite powerful. Unlike summoning magic which allows someone to summon beings of different elements, Celestial Spirits are able to manifest entirely different magics from each other and are more powerful than your ordinary summon. The spirits are also much more human-like, having their own personalities and forms. Each spirit also has varying degrees of power, but their power can also grow. However, keys can only be upgraded to S rank, but in doing this you spend one of your S rank spells. When you upgrade a key it would have the same word count as retraining a spell, when this is done you should inform staff so they can give you an upgraded key.

Jade Keys count as an X rank spell, but their power more than makes up for that. The thirteenth key goes to whomever hits S rank first, but it also counts as an S rank spell. After the first person has earned the thirteenth key the Celestial Spirit Mages are free to fight for the key in duels.

Each Celestial Spirit Mage starts out with one silver key and one golden key. You are the sole owner of those keys and no one can take them, you simply must post in that key's topic to claim it. Keys that are claimed will be marked closed until they are free once more. There are a total of twelve golden keys, thirteen if you count the mysterious thirteenth key, three for each of the four mages who use this magic. There are quite a few silver keys, but the thing about those is that you have to use actual jewels to buy them from a special shop. Jade keys only become available once you've hit X rank because of how powerful they are. They are very rare, only one per person, and they are easily as powerful as some of the strongest mages all by themselves. You can find descriptions of each key in the Celestial Spirit Library.

Finally, mages who use Celestial Spirit Magic are subject to a few things. First, when you summon a spirit you have to pay the initial cost plus a sustain cost just like a mode spell. But, any spells the spirit casts does not come from your mana pool, but theirs. Also, you are able to have three spirits on the field at any time unlike summoners who can only have two summons at a time, but the mana cost might prevent you from doing so. Jade Keys are exempt from this rule, you may only have that key summoned for the duration that the spirit is alive, once that spirit is knocked out or you remove it from battle you may summon other keys. The following indicates how many keys of each type you can have at each rank.

Keys Available Per Rank:

  • D: 1 Silver, 1 Gold
  • C: 2 Silver, 1 Gold
  • B: 3 Silver, 2 Gold
  • A: 5 Silver, 2 Gold
  • S: 5 Silver, 3 Gold (4 Gold if you obtain the 13th Key)
  • X: 6 Silver, 3/4 Gold, 1 Jade

Examples of Key Types:

  • Silver: Aquila the Eagle
  • Gold: Leo the Lion
  • Jade: Suzaku the Red Crane

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