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Hair Magic (35,000 Jewels)

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Name: Hair Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Element: N/A (Does have Elemental Effects)
Description: Hair Magic is a type of offensive and defensive magic that involves the manipulation of the caster's hair, allowing them to lengthen and transform it to attack their opponent. The caster is able to control their hair freely and use it for various purposes; apparently, the strength of the hair can also be manipulated to serve stronger purposes that the user could not naturally accomplish, for usage such as binding a fully-grown person. Simple techniques include using one's hair to absorb liquids, though apparently not oil or alcohol as it "damages" the texture as it would normal hair, and even as a simple weapon for blunt attacks. More advanced Mages can grow their hair or even reduce it in length, within a matter of seconds and without difficulty, even by tunneling it through the ground. A special bonus to hair magic is that it can have elemental effects based on the natural color of one's hair. Red hair might give you the ability to heat your hair like fire. Blue hair might give your hair a freezing capability, and so on.

Strengths: Hair Magic is much like a molding magic, the caster is able to mold their hair into virtually any shape and length. Further to the point, it's able to be used as both an offensive and a defensive magic, and even as a grappling hook, allowing the user to reach hard to get to places. The fact that the hair can be elementally tuned based on the color of one's hair adds extra effects which can change the balance of the battle in a heartbeat.

Weaknesses: Of course, using your own hair as a weapon comes with a few risks. Magics or physical items that cause cutting damage are strong against all forms of hair attacks, meaning they are one rank higher in damage. Also, since your magical powers stem form your hair if you have none you can't use the magic in any way. It is also weak against things like oils and chemicals that can damage hair in natural ways.

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