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Fairy Magic (60,000 Jewels)

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Name: Fairy Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Element: Holy
Description: Fairy Magic is a form of Magic which allows its user to produce a peculiar substance from their body: thin, light and shiny dust. Such matter is placed under the user's control, with them being able to manipulate it to their every whim, making it float in the air in wide arcs. Through its use, the user is capable of carrying out a variety of Magic attacks. The dust is shown to possess explosive properties, with a relatively small amount of it being capable of producing fierce explosions; in addition, larger amounts of it can be shaped into objects of various sizes, again usable for offense. Fairy Magic also grants the user a group of shimmering wings that allow them to hover up to a meter off the ground; but this does not give the user immunity to ground based attacks.

Strengths: Fairy Magic grants the user's spells an explosive quality that means some of the attacks do not have to be direct hits in order to deal damage. And because Fairy magic is of the holy element it has strength over the darkness element.

Weaknesses: Fairy Magic's sole weakness is to the darkness element.

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