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The Site Rules

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1The Site Rules Empty The Site Rules on Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:31 pm


These are just general forum rules everyone should read. Many are simple common sense rules, while others are more specific to the preferences of the site. Rules are subject to change at any time.


1} Multiple Accounts: Multiple Accounts are allowed on the forum. However, all accounts must be kept active or else they will be put as inactive, their limited magic and other items will be stripped for other people to use who are active.

2} Language: The forum language is English. We expect members to speak English in the chat box. What we do not expect is constant swearing. Even substituting the words with words extremely close to the original can get one in trouble. Minor swearing isn't a problem, yet when a series of slurs come out of an individuals mouth constantly, that's when it becomes a problem. Using one or two swearing words won't get you anything. Constant use will get you a warning. Continuing to swear after being warned will result in a disciplinary action such as a chat box banning. Any attempt to bypass this rule will result in a chat box banning along with a warning bar docking too. What constitutes as "Bypassing"?

  • Example: people say the word "Douchebag" in chat. If we see you say it and tell you not to use that word anymore, and it is now replaced with "D-Bag", you may be subject to temporary (or permanent) ban from the Chat Box. The "F word" by itself counts as excessive swearing- Do NOT bring that word into the Cbox.

However, there are times when the usage of English is appropriate such as when one is using other languages as the names for their spells, items, or other creations.

3} Pornography: Pornography is not allowed at all on the forum and goes against the rules of Forumotion itself. Anyone that breaks this rule will be banned from here.

4} No Flaming or Instigating: Don't try to start fights or get people angry. If you want to have a peaceful discussion about things like techniques or specific posts then do it in a friendly manner. Sure, there will be disagreements, but don't let these spiral out of control and end up hurting people.

5} No Racism: Please be respectful of different ethnics on the forum. Members who go against this rule will be issued a warning or banned.

6} Signature Size Limit: Make sure that your signature does not stretch the forum in anyway. Any who break this rule will have their signature removed by staff.

7} Double Posting: Double posting isn't necessary and you should not do it! The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are stuck in a thread and your RP partners have disappeared, you are allowed to double post in order to finish a thread's story (essentially, bailing your character and yourself out of being stuck). For all other matters, Double Posting is not allowed under any circumstances.

8} Deleting Posts/Threads: Just be careful when you're doing this. Members cannot delete threads, but if a good reason is given to staff, we will delete threads upon request.

9} Spamming: Just don't do it. Don't go constantly throwing useless links and pages up in the chatbox and don't make useless topics in the wrong or even correct section. Spam topics will be deleted and a warning will be issued, if it happens again, either a temporary or permanent ban will be placed.

10} God-Moding: No god-moding will be tolerated on the forum. This means controlling another member's characters in anyway without their permission. If you break this rule, you will be issued a warning. This also means that you can't just decide that your character wins in every situation. Be fair and respectful to the other members and make battles more realistic. This will ensure that everyone has fun on the forum!

11} Plagiarism: A big, if not the biggest, offense that one can make on the site. Don't copy other people's stuff, it's impolite and just outright stealing of intellectual's property. We don't allow any plagiarism here and anyone caught doing so will face various punishments based on the severity ranging from a complete reset of their character to banishment from the site forever.

12} Minimum Post/Word Count Limit: 150 word count minimum for posts, don't post one liners or weak things like that. Anyone caught doing this will be punished. If you are having trouble with posting longer post, ask for help.

13} Day Rule: General rule of thumb is to wait 3 days before skipping, but if things come up, then just speak to your RP partners. Also, 3 days is the number of days before a new staff member can take over something that they were grading.

14} Spoilers: We try to keep the whole site as spoiler free as possible to those who haven't seen any or some parts of Fairy Tail. Please be respectful and try not to ruin the experience for others.

15} How to Treat Members: Hey, we're all here to have fun together, and even in the chatbox we should treat each other with the respect we all owe each other. The overarching rule when it comes to how you should treat other members is don't say anything to another person that you wouldn't want said to you. As mentioned before, minor swearing isn't against the rules, but don't go aiming a whole stream of hate at another member or even a group of members. It isn't fair to anyone for them to be constantly made fun of either, so when someone speaks up and asks you to stop then do so. And in the nature of wanting to have fun, don't go to another member and constantly criticize their posts. They're probably just trying to learn how to roleplay and are having a bit of trouble. Speaking of trouble, when people are having issues with how the site works, you shouldn't laugh at them and make sarcastic comments. Instead, try to help them and point them in the right direction. Treating another member badly will result in a warning and if it is done constantly a ban from the chatbox.

16} How to Treat Your Staff: Yes, we're here to help you out with your requests and such, but don't just assume that as soon as a person with an @ next to their name pops up in the chatbox that they want to be bothered with work. We want to roleplay here to and even when we go in the chatbox sometimes we just want to kick back and chat with other people instead of being pushed to do work all the time. It's up to the staff member if they want to do work at the time, so if they don't feel like doing any work, don't keep pestering them about it.

17} What's Expected of Our Staff: Obviously staff has an obligation to the members as well that does extend to the chatbox. Staff should also be courteous to the members and try to fulfill their duties to the members as they are able while in the chatbox. Staff needs to monitor the chatbox and keep an eye out for any of the aforementioned actions that any member or even fellow members of staff may perpetrate. The staff also has the responsibility for reporting these actions and taking appropriate actions when they are done. Screenshots or archives should be shown in order to prove that these actions have been performed by an accused member. In a likewise manner members should report any actions by staff that do not follow these rules as well. Staff also has a responsibility to aid the members of the forum should they ask for it and do their best to point them in the right direction.

18} The Banhammer: Obviously it exists, but don't think that we'll abuse it. Bans can be handed out when a member acts in a way that doesn't conform to the rules of the site. However, banning another member requires that there be a reason as well as proof that any act had been perpetrated by the banned member. Bans may range from a day to permanent banning from the site. And don't just think that because we banned you from the chatbox or the site on one character means you can just come back on another character and we won't notice. Anyone caught doing this will have their punishment escalated accordingly.

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