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Libra The Heavenly Scales

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Name: Libra
Meaning: The Heavenly Scales
Rank: B
Summon Cost: Summoning: 30 | Sustained: 15
Magic: Gravity Change: Libra uses this type of Gravity Magic which can alter either her target's gravity or her own.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Libra is a curvaceous woman with dark hair tied in an ox horn style. Her attire resembles a belly dancer's, consisting of a frilled and striped bikini top along with a patterned loincloth sporting pom-poms at the waist. She wears numerous bangles on her arms and legs, and her neck is also concealed by a thick necklace. On her feet are a simple pair of sandals, and her head is dressed with a zigzagged headband. Concealing Libra's lower face is another cloth that bears her sign, tied around her head.

Dangling from her hands, Libra carries a pair of scales, with thin cords running from her fingertips to the sides of the scales, so that she holds them in an almost puppeteer-like fashion.
Personality: Libra is a very quiet and recluse individual rarely every speaking unless necessary. She usually gestures with her head at her owners commands and follows them without question. Libra is extremely loyal to a kind owner.

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