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Mission Regulations

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Fiore is a dangerous land fraught with monsters and criminals of all kinds. Or perhaps ripe with pockets to be picked and people to kill. What kind of mission you take is completely up to you, but depending on your guild or your moral standing you'll generally stick to good or evil type missions. If you don't feel satisfied with any of the missions that are offered just pop on over to the Mission Creation forum and make your own. In order to take a mission you simply go into the mission boards located in your guild hall, or head to the mercenary board if you're guildless to pick up a mission. Just post that you would like to take the mission in the topic and as soon as a staff member approves your request you'll be good to go.

Of course, you can't just save lives or destroy cities without being properly rewarded. Every mission has a rank and these ranks not only determine the difficulty of your mission but also how well rewarded you are when you complete them.

  • D Rank Mission Reward: 2,500 Jewels
  • C Rank Mission Reward: 5,000 Jewels
  • B Rank Mission Reward: 7,500 Jewels
  • A Rank Mission Reward: 10,000 Jewels
  • S Rank Mission Reward: 25,000 Jewels
  • X Rank Mission Reward: 50,000- 75,000 Jewels

Missions also involve a word count much like training spells.

  • D Rank Word Count: 500 Words
  • C Rank Word Count: 750 Words
  • B Rank Word Count: 1,000 Words
  • A Rank Word Count: 1,500 Words
  • S Rank Word Count: 2,000 Words
  • X Rank Word Count: 3,000+ Words

Difficulty is another factor you have to take in if you're going on a mission. Even though you are restricted to only taking missions one rank above your own it is still best to be wary. S rank and X rank missions are both limited to S and X rank wizards only, but even they have to take precautions.

  • D Rank: These generally involve simple requests such as fetching a book or exploring a cave. These kind of missions don't have any kind of physical danger involved.
  • C Rank: These missions are a bit more difficult, they can involve things such as stopping a criminal, robbing a small store, or hunting down a wild animal of non-magical origin. These missions generally have some low amount of danger.
  • B Rank: Now that you've grasped more of your own capability things start getting a lot more difficult. B rank missions can involve such things as assassinating minor politicians, escorting a group of travelers through dangerous land, or hunting down a dark mage or two. These missions have some heavier danger and can be hard to finish if you're not prepared.
  • A Rank: So you're serious about becoming a top tier wizard, well now you have to prove it. A rank missions are a lot harder than before, perhaps now you're taking on small time dark guilds, or stealing treasure maps from heads of state, or perhaps just a good old monster hunt. These missions always have heavy danger that can leave you injured if your mess up.
  • S Rank: You're finally here, the highest order of magic that most people can accomplish. Well now that you've done it you'll be facing challenges no normal human can accomplish. Perhaps you'll be protecting a precious artifact for a noble that various dark guilds are attempting to score. Or maybe you're going to assault a city and kill a visiting prince. These missions will result in permanent injury to your character if you fail, and they are extremely difficult.
  • X Rank: These missions can only be made by staff and are the most difficult missions there are. These missions must be taken on as a team of at least two S rank mages. You might be taking down demons or robbing the royal palace. Either way you'll need to be prepared to take on tougher enemies than ever before. Staff themselves play your adversaries in these missions, but their goal is not to make the mission impossible, just hard enough that you are challenged. Failure in these missions can result in death.

Lastly we have experience. Experience is what you need in order to gain power and new ranks, and you obtain the majority of your experience from missions. Unlike regular topics which only give you 100 experience per post missions give you a bunch of experience in exchange for a longer word count. To get the experience from your mission you simply post the mission url in your reward topic that corresponds to the rank of the mission. The experience gained from the various mission ranks are as follows.

  • D Rank Mission: 500 Experience
  • C Rank Mission: 1000 Experience
  • B Rank Mission: 1500 Experience
  • A Rank Mission: 2000 Experience
  • S Rank Mission: 2500 Experience
  • X Rank Mission: 5,000 Experience

There are a few more notes on missions that we should state. First, you can only take on one mission at a time. Second, if you happen to take a teammate along with you on your mission the reward is split among you all, but so is the word count and the difficulty can be made much easier. Third, never multipost in your topic without waiting at least an hour before posting another part of your mission. As a final note, staff will be monitoring missions closely in order to make sure no one cheats the system. If you are found perpetrating these actions you will be punished, and this punishment will include the removal of all your experience from the missions you cheated on which can set you back entire ranks.

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