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Fei-ting the Balloon

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Fei-ting the Balloon  BMKAgz7

Name: Fei-ting
Meaning: The Balloon
Rank: D (Scales with User)
Summon Cost: 10 (5)
Magic: Balloon Magic: Fei-ting is able to create balloons from thin air for various purposes. The balloons vary in size, weight, and effect, but they all are weaker to sharp objects so one must exercise care when challenging mages with blades.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Fei-ting is a strange Spirit. She appears as a young woman in a large purple dress with yellow tipped ribbons flowing about her. She wears a similar hat with a cloud like tuft sprouting from the top.
Personality: Fei-ting is quite ditzy and absentminded. She is sweet in her own way and she tries her absolute best to never let her owner down, but she is clumsy. She has a joyous smile on her face no matter what save for when she is very sad; but there isn't much that can get her that low. She idolizes her master and follows them zealously and without fail.

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