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Mao the Cat

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Mao the Cat 6ygrKa4

Name: Mao
Meaning: The Cat
Rank: D (Scales with User)
Summon Cost: 10 (5)
Magic: Shiro Cat: The magic of the white cat, Mao is able to use his skill as a white cat to create special paper tags that he can adhere to any surface. These tags maintain to the holy element of white magic and can have a variety of effects.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mao is a fine Spirit of looks that can kill. He appears as a young man who seems to come from a noble house, and his cold, golden eyes are breathtaking. He has simple yet slightly tanned skin and beautiful white hair that matches his style of dress which always consists of a white button-up shirt and black pants. His white tail and ears protrude from his body yet seem very natural for him.
Personality: Mao is not so much as quiet as he is pensive, and his thoughts always seem to come out of his mouth. He has a tendency to speak his thoughts aloud despite his own attempts to stop, but its really just a silly quirk. He's quite kind and is a great listener, and his bond with his master is much like a close friendship or like a relationship a brother would have with a sibling.

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