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The Elemental Tree

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The following are the recognized elements on FGRP, however you are not required to stick to these elements.

Fire: Fire is often said to be the element of destruction, but to others it is the element of life. Fire is a form of energy that burns and causes massive levels of destruction when used either properly or improperly. While it is normally in a plasma state magical fire can have many different variations such as Purple Flare which uses solid streams of fire, or Rainbow Fire in which each color variant of fire has different properties.

Fire is Strong Against: Nature and Ice
Fire is Weak Agaist: Water and Wind

Water: Water is seen as the pure and calm element, but it also is a source of great strength. Large volumes of water can effectively smash through stone with little effort, and at even higher pressures it can punch through metal. The element has a few variations, such as steam which can effectively leave burns because of its heat, or mist which is like the water element but behaves in a way similar to the wind element. Some forms of the water element can even heal wounds.

Water is Strong Against: Fire and Earth
Water is Weak Against: Lightning and Nature

Wind: Wind is known as the free element, being the most abundant element in the world. The wind element is also known to be highly destructive in the right hands, being able to create twisters and bursts of wind that can tear down entire buildings. Much like the other elements the wind element has a variation known as the sky element which is a pure form of wind known for its healing capabilities and enhancement properties.

Wind is Strong Against: Fire and Smoke
Wind is Weak Against: Earth and Metal

Earth: Earth is the element of sturdiness and strength. The earth element is known for being unmoving and stubborn, much like the people who use it. The earth is strong and can be used to create not only boulders and stone shards to launch at foes, but entire hills and canyons in the correct hands. Variations of the earth element include sand, being particles of earth, and crystal, being hardened earth which has taken on a different state altogether.

Earth is Strong Against: Lightning and Wind
Earth is Weak Against: Water and Ice

Lightning: Lightning is the purest form of energy that occurs in the natural world. Lightning can not only effect the body through electrical impulses and shocks, but also the world around it through electrical storms and bolts. Lightning is highly destructive, but also an easy element to manipulate through one's own body. Much like the fire element lightning can have variants based on its color.

Lightning is Strong Against: Water and Metal
Lightning is Weak Against: Earth and Nature

Metal: A form of the earth element, but so different it qualifies as an element in itself. Metal is a strong element, even more durable than the earth itself. It is so strong it is commonly used in the weapons and tools of the age. Metal is hard to manipulate in a solid state, but some forms of metal can be shaped in a liquid state if done correctly. There are far too many variants of metal to name, but the most common are ones such as gold, silver, iron, and bronze.

Metal is Strong Against: Wind and Nature
Metal is Weak Against: Ice and Lightning

Nature: Nature is all around us, and it is an alive and dangerous element. Nature takes on many forms, from the wood of trees to the leaves in the wind. For all the variants of the nature element each shares common weaknesses and strengths that make them all a part of the larger whole. A variant of the nature element is the rubber element which comes from trees. While the element is a nature element it no longer functions as such and does not share all of its strengths and weaknesses.

Nature is Strong Against: Water and Lightning (Rubber is Strong Against: Lightning)
Nature is Weak Against: Fire, Ice, and Metal (Rubber is Weak Against: Fire)

Ice: Ice is a variant of the water element which specializes in freezing its targets. Ice is a strong element much like the earth element, but it is still fragile and requires specific conditions to be made. The ice element also encompasses the element of snow, which is simply millions of ice particles.

Ice is Strong Against: Earth, Nature, and Metal
Ice is Weak Against: Fire and Smoke

Smoke: Smoke is a gaseous element made of burnt materials from the world around. The density of the particles can be manipulated by smoke wizards to make it as solid as needed. Experienced smoke wizards can make their smoke as strong as steel if they wish. This special solid smoke is resistant to all non-solid elements (fire, lighting, water, etc.) but weak to all solid elements (rock, ice, metal, solid versions of non-solid elements) and is still just as weak against wind.

Smoke is Strong Against: All Non-Solid Elements
Smoke is Weak Against: All Solid Elements and Wind

Angelic: The angelic element is from the realm of the gods above, and as such is a pure element. It is unknown just what this element can entail being that it has many different variations, but the angelic element is not implied as being completely good.

Angelic is Strong Against: Demonic
Angelic is Weak Against: Demonic

Demonic: The demonic element is from the realms of other planes or perhaps from demonic gods, and as such is a corrupted element. Much like the angelic element the demonic element has many variations, but it is also not taken as fully evil as some would believe.

Demonic is Strong Against: Angelic
Demonic is Weak Against: Angelic

Light: The element that allows all living beings to see. The element of light can be used in intense amounts to blind and even concentrated into lasers for devastating effect. The light element is also the only element that is capable of completely removing the shadow from an area.

Light is Strong Against: Shadow
Shadow is Weak Against: Shadow

Shadow: The element revolving around the removal of light, the shadow element comes in two forms. The first is true shadow, being the manipulation of one's own shadow through magic. The other is the creation of shadow in which shadow wizards remove the light from a target area to create the darkness.

Shadow is Strong Against: Light
Shadow is Weak Against: Light

Holy: The amalgamation of justice and love in the form of an energy that resembles the light element. However it is not light, though many mistake it as such. Like the darkness element, holy is a form of energy and as such has its own unique magical properties. Generally known as the ultimate good element and is indeed fueled by good intentions and a just heart. Holy also has the rare ability to heal and soothe wounds in some of its variants.

Holy is Strong Against: Darkness
Holy is Weak Against: Darkness

Darkness: A congealment of evil energy in one spot is the source of the darkness element. Despite its name, darkness is not actual darkness like shadow is. It is a form of pure energy fueled by evil intentions. It can be molded as both solid and non-solid manifestations depending on the spell, and it can cause various effects based on its variation.

Darkness is Strong Against: Holy
Darkness is Weak Against: Holy

Note: The Following Element is only available through certain events or purchases. Not through application.

Poison: Poison is a very rare element which involves the creation of a gaseous or liquid form of poison to attack a foe. Poison is an element which not only effects the external body, but also the internal structure of anyone it touches which makes it a highly deadly element.

Poison is Strong Against: Water and Nature
Poison is Weak Against: Healing

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