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Elemental Magic (30,000 Jewels)

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1Elemental Magic (30,000 Jewels) Empty Elemental Magic (30,000 Jewels) on Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:57 pm



Name: Varies (Please state the name of your magic in your post.)
Caster or Holder Caster
Element: Varies (Please state the name of your magic in your post.)

Description: Elemental magics are among the most basic but most versatile magics on Earthland. By manipulating magical forces a mage can create or manipulate an element to great extents. Unlike molding magic, elemental magic does not allow you to create specific objects of complexity. You can still mold your element such as making a ball of earth or a fire spell that appears like a dragon, but more complex forms are held to molding magics.

Strengths: Varies between elemental variants.

Weaknesses: Varies between elemental variants.

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