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D (Starting Rank): So you're just getting started, good on you. Things are going to be difficult at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. Don't let the stronger mages make fun of you, they all started where you are.

Spells: Allowed 16

C (10,000 XP required): So you've started to get a few missions and really put some effort into making your skills better. You've grown considerably and a few people have even started to take notice of you.

Spells: Allowed 22

B (30,000 XP): Excellent work, you've become a true mage and now you're known across the towns you've helped out. No doubt you can claim to be a stronger mage, and your guildmaster might have some better work for you to do.

Spells: Allowed 26

A (60,000 XP ): Hey you're actually able to fight against some other mages, and you even have a high chance of winning. But remember, you've got a ways to go and you can still be beaten by people, so don't get too cocky.

Spells: Allowed 30 (Max. 3 S-rank spells)

S: You're the real deal now, no one can doubt your skills and you're easily the top tier in your guild. Some high ranking officials might even call on you for work. You are easily known across the land and the common folk will tell stories of you for many years to come.

Requirements: Two magics, active roleplayer, place in top tier of your S rank trial.
Spells: Allowed 38 (Max. 6 S-rank and 1 X-rank spell)

X: Throughout Fiore, your name is known. Some may cheer your name, while others will curse your very being, but either way you're easily one of the strongest mages. You might have your own guild, or even be the head of a great organization. Enemies quiver whenever you step in the room, and even the king of Fiore knows who you are and might call on you at times.

Requirements: Two magics, active roleplayer, important plot player, completion of a X rank trial, and staff approval.
Spells: Allowed 46 (Max. 9 S-rank, 3 X-rank spells.)

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